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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tball 2015

 Cade did so awesome playing Tball this year! He was so excited to be on a team and make new friends! He was also super surprised and excited to see some of his friends on the other teams and would wave to them and talk to them when they would be on the base closest to him.
 One game Cades friend Jackson hit a line drive right at Cade (not on purpose of course) and Cade just stuck his mitt out and caught it! Everyone, including Cade, was so surprised that he caught it! He jumped up and down and celebrated for a while! It was cute! Cade would tap his bat on the ground a few times before he would take a was pretty cute!
 I love when Cade gets excited about something because his whole face just lights up!
 Jace wants to do everything Cade does and most of the time Cade is an awesome big brother and will let Jace tag along!

 Jace was a good sport and cheered Cade on every game! They are so lucky to have each other as best buds!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day.....a day late

Bryan and I were able to go to Washington DC last year and I can't remember if I posted any pictures, but just wanted to post a few of my favorite that I thought were appropriate for Memorial Day

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

 Easter this year for us was pretty low key....I love that we don't have to go overboard and our kids still get excited!

 I tried to make the pancakes look like Easter eggs and Cade says "MOM! I don't want Easter eggs for breakfast!" That's what I get for trying to be festive.

But then look at these two adorable boys! They looked so handsome for church today.  We had a fabulous Easter weekend.  We attended the annual Sargent Easter egg hunt and it was fun as always and then had a little hunt at Grandma Jeans with Hayden, Payson and Breckin and it was a lot of fun as well!  I substituted for Cade's primary class today and it was fun to teach them the TRUE meaning of Easter and tonight this was Cade's prayer: "Heavenly Father thank you for this fun day, thank you for digging and my best buddy Hayden, thank you for Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I think he got something from the lesson, it made me proud! Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jace WAS 18 months!

Jace was 18 months in January, so not THAT behind, but I have some catching up to do.  Here are his pictures, I took them and my awesome sister Jen edited them for me. 
 Jace brings so much fun, joy, love, and attitude into our family! That's right! He's a sweet lil thing, but he's not going to let you (and especially Cade) walk all over him. He tries to be tough and will say in a scruffy voice "HhAY!" and then look away and slowly look back out of the corner of his eyes to see if you are looking! It's pretty cute....but we are working on nice words. :)

 Jace is so sweet and loveable.  With that said he is pretty stingy with his kisses!  Dad can usually get kisses but the rest of us have to work for it....bribery with treats works real good. 

 He can count to 11, knows most his colors, and repeats most of the alphabet. He is very aware of whats around him and can recognize where we are going from what he can see out of his window.  My favorite lately is "Jeanne's house".  She's a lady I visit teach and she subbed in nursery one time and Jace just loves her so everytime we pass her house...."Jeanne's house"

  He is such a cute little brother and seriously LOVES Cade! Every morning he asks "Tade?", then when he finds him he says "hi tade" in the sweetest little voice.  He tries to do and say everything Cade does and for the most part it's good, but Cade has tried to get Jace in trouble a handful of times.  If I've asked them to specifically not do something, Cade will encourage Jace to do it! Stinker!

 Jace is a good little singer and sings everything in the highest, cutest little voice.  He loves to sing and has a few favorite songs: Wheels on the bus...knows all the actions and words...pretty cute
                                                Alligator "SNAP" song
                                                Twinkle Twinkle
                                                I am like a star shining brightly
                                                "Of God" (I am a child of God)

 STATS: 21lbs. ......get back to you on height....can't remember and can't find check up paper :)

Jace LOVES: his dad and brother (and mom of course but really you should see how he reacts when   he sees his dad and brother! so cute!)
                       being outside
                       trucks (especially if they have a trailor)
                       sucking on his food
                       closing doors
                       flushing toilets
                       playing hide and seek with Cade
                       his "Blank" (blanket) *I have 3 fuzzy Christmas blankets that didn't get put back in with the Christmas stuff because he became a little too attached to them!
We love Jace and everything he brings to our family! He is such a good boy and can't wait to see how he and Cade grow closer the older they get!  He is such a blessing and we are so thankful to be his parents.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cade is 4!!

 Cade is such a fun boy! He's full of spunk, imagination and a whole lot of energy!! He is very active and hands on and depending on the day usually is up for anything....every now and then he gets a little scaredy-cat in him (from his mom), but usually with a little bribery and nudging he will jump right into everything!
 He is also full of love and tenderness.  He gets so worried when anyone is sad or hurt....especially mom, dad or Jace.  It makes my day when he just out of the blue says "mom.....I lub ya"  The other day he gave Jace a big hug and said "Jace, I lub ya, you're my best friend".  Music to my ears!
 Personality is definitely not lacking around here! He is full of it and makes me literally laugh out loud several times a day! 
 His imagination never stops!  I love how creative he is and his latest thing is "yook at my new inbention...." and he's either tied toys together or dressed up or a combination of things....and he always has a name for them. 
 Cade is currently attending Preschool and LOVES it! He loves his teacher and thinks its so cool that his cousin and friends get to come too!  He's a handful that's for sure but is constantly showing me or telling me about what happened at school....including how everyone ELSE was naughty....haha....sure! He doesn't like to talk much right after school, it comes throughout the day or week...when HE feels like talking! (Hmmmm sounds familiar!)
 He LOVES his little brother! Just in the last few months him and Jace have really developed this cute little relationship and it is so fun to watch.  Of course they still don't get along ALL the time, but the tender moments of loves and kisses and sharing and helping are just too cute!
 His favorite color is mostly blue....sometimes green....
 He is playing soccer right now and does pretty good.....for age 4 :) He loves any sport....anything to be active and outside!
 He LOVES to go hunting and camping! He really just loves the outdoors....hiking, campfires, dirt, climbing....Bryan took him hunting a couple of times this year and boy did I hear all about it!  He saw just about every animal he could think of and every little track in the dirt turned into a deer, elk or bear track....pretty cute!
 Cade has turned into a bit of a picky eater....kind of like mom....but for the most part does pretty good.  His latest thing is cheese....he doesn't like cheese, peppers, and some veggies....
 Cade's stats: Height- 39 3/4"
                     Weight- 40.2 lbs.
 He LOVES grandpas and grandmas and usually tells me its a better idea to go to their houses instead of staying at ours.
 He finally was patient enough to figure out riding his bike (with training wheels) and found out he loves it and CAN do it!  He's a bit stubborn but was determined to figure it out, and thank goodness we live in the country because I would've felt bad for anyone who had to listen to the whining and crying and screaming during it all! LOVELY!
 He still loves to read books, do puzzles, play the piano, and sing songs with mom. 
I have just loved watching Cade develop and grow into the little man that he is! He brings so much joy into our lives and is a blessing for our family!  He definitely keeps us on our toes and makes me really bring my A game as his mom, but I'm so thankful for him because even through the rough days I feel like a better mom and person because of him! Cade we love you just the way you are!!

Friday, September 6, 2013


 I have so much to catch up on....but for now here are Jace's 1 year old pics!  He was a little stinker and didn't want to cooperate, but I think I got at least a few good ones!
 STATS: 19lbs. 10oz.
               28 1/4"
 Has an obsession with doors and toilets
 Is walking when nobody is watching! He is really good at walking along things and gets brave and lets go every now and then but if you are watching or start cheering for him he is down! Stinker!
 Jabbers all the time: "Ga-ga" = drink, "ack" = Jack (our dog), "uck" = truck, "ade" = Cade, "bi" = bite, "ha-O" = hello, "bye-bye", all the animal sounds....cock a doodle doo being my favorite "doo-doo", "car", "baby","horsey", "let's GO" (another favorite), I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out but those are the basics.
 He's really good at figuring things out....loves to play with Cade's tools and put the screws and nails in the holes.  I can tell he's going to be very particular about things because he has to put things away just right. 
 He also has the temper to go right along with things if they don't go just right!
 He LOVES Cade and mimics almost everything he does and says.....which is dangerous most of the time! HA!
 Very loveable! If you ask for kisses you might get a suprise make-out session so just be mouth and sometimes he slips the tongue! Gives great loves and even says "Aaah" when he's lovin on ya.
 GREAT eater and sleeper! He's a little pickier as far as the eating goes than Cade was, but still does awesome. Usually tells me when it's time for nap-time or bedtime...."na-na" = night night! Takes one two hour nap and sleeps 11-12 hours every night! Thank you Jace! (and Cade)
 Gets a kick out of himself! Sometimes he will all the sudden jabber some jibberish and then just laugh at himself!  Or if he knows he shouldn't be touching something he will look at me and give me the cheesiest grin and then laugh. 
 Early riser but not a morning person....takes a bit to get warmed up in the morning.
Jace is such a blessing to our family! He makes us laugh and brings such joy into our home!  It's so much fun seeing Cade interact and play with him and just watch their relationship grow even at this age!  It's so refreshing seeing Jace get so excited at the littlest things.....a good reminder to slow down and notice them too!  I love my little family and am so thankful for my blessings!