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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tball 2015

 Cade did so awesome playing Tball this year! He was so excited to be on a team and make new friends! He was also super surprised and excited to see some of his friends on the other teams and would wave to them and talk to them when they would be on the base closest to him.
 One game Cades friend Jackson hit a line drive right at Cade (not on purpose of course) and Cade just stuck his mitt out and caught it! Everyone, including Cade, was so surprised that he caught it! He jumped up and down and celebrated for a while! It was cute! Cade would tap his bat on the ground a few times before he would take a was pretty cute!
 I love when Cade gets excited about something because his whole face just lights up!
 Jace wants to do everything Cade does and most of the time Cade is an awesome big brother and will let Jace tag along!

 Jace was a good sport and cheered Cade on every game! They are so lucky to have each other as best buds!

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