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Friday, February 18, 2011

When we're helping.....

I don't think too many people are worried about where I have been, so I guess just for myself I have got a lot of catching up to do. Lots of cute stories about Cade and we just got back from a 7 night cruise to the Caribbean! Oh yes my friends I have a lovely tan line and peeling skin to prove it! But for now, a few pics of our big helper. Bry had to leave town for work so that means me and Caders are in charge of all the animals. So we bundled up and out we went to feed the horses, goat and dog. Cade loves the animals so the cold didn't bother him too much. He also likes to sing the song, "when we're helping we're happy" It's really cute, he fills in the blanks. I will sing "when we're helping we're......" Cade: "happy" Mom: "and we sing as we......" Cade: " g0" Well, you get the picture. He is almost 18 months now and I seriously can't believe it! But it is SO much fun and we have loved every second!


  1. My mom bought the girls some boots just like that at a garage sale...except they are PINK. When you have a girl some day, maybe I'll have to pass them on.

  2. OOh love the boots!!! I hate winter feeding animals- watering animals is even worse! GRR!